A single father adopts three siblings who have been in 16 foster homes.

A single father with a big heart changed the lives of three foster children forever. Darryl Andersen intervened after the children had been in foster care for years.

Miquel, four years old, Willis, six years old, and Nevaeh, nine years old, all grew up in different foster homes. ‘They’re very close and understand, you know, they’ve been placed 16 times and in group homes, and so all they had was each other,’ Darryl explained.

The siblings remained together despite moving 16 times in 5 years. Darryl couldn’t stay silent after learning about the children. Darryl, a single father of three children, decided to take a leap of faith after receiving his children’s blessing.

He said he kept thinking, ‘There are kids out there in this world who don’t have a place to call home. When Christmas comes, where do they go?’ The thought of these siblings being alone bothered him so much that he was moved to action.

Darryl continued to say, ‘One of my main motivations is, I feel, like the saying says because I have been given much, I too must give.’ He felt so grateful to have raised his own kids, and he wanted to keep giving.

“I want them to understand that the past is the past, and they get to create their own future, and it’s all up to them,” Andersen said. He recognizes their early life was difficult, but he wants to change their future.

‘We all love you more than the earth,’ Darryl’s new children tell him. It’s because you’re a great father. We adore you to pieces.’ This single father’s heart is touching even more lives and inspiring others to help foster children!

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A single father adopts three siblings who have been in 16 foster homes.
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