A heartbreaking story about a wonderful woman and mother who gave her two daughters the opportunity to live a complete life.

The roads leading to parenthood are perplexing.

Muni, an Indian girl with a scar and a dent on her forehead, and baby Durga, who was born with a large hole in her nose, had no chance of finding a loving family.

However, a miracle occurred.

Kristen Williams, an American educator, had no children of her own but aspired to be a mother.

She tried to adopt a girl from Nepal and spent 28 thousand dollars to prepare documents, but the US authorities accused the Nepalese side of human trafficking and had to forget about adoption for a while.

A few years later, Kristen started looking for her child again, this time in India.

In this country, she was offered a child who was not needed by anyone – a five-year-old baby Munni, who had experienced a lot of pain in her short century.

One of the beatings left the girl with a huge ugly scar on her forehead and a dent.

The child was taken from her native family, but no one wanted to shelter her in their house, fearing ugliness.

The girl became embittered and aggressive, which made her chances of adoption zero.

Kristen, however, was not perplexed by the baby’s appearance or her challenging personality: after 4 years on Valentine’s Day , the American brought her daughter home.

“It was as though an electric jolt penetrated me when I saw her face.”

She matched my criteria well.

Kristen reflected, “She really became everything to me.”

Kristen and Munni reached an amicable decision six months later: mom needs the second kid, and the girl needs a sister.

Their quest in India brought them to Durga, a small three-year-old child.

No one in the world required the girl with the large, gorgeous eyes.

When she was born, she was thrown into the trash like an unwanted doll.

Wild dogs gnawed her face, and the child lost his nose forever.

It’s amazing that the child was saved at all, it was a real miracle.

Exactly the same as the appearance of a loving family in her life.

So two years after Munni’s adoption, in February, the second daughter, Durga, appeared in Kristen Williams’ family.

Mom and sister decided to change the fate of the unfortunate disfigured child forever, giving her a new name – Rupa, “blessed with beauty.”

The new name brought good luck to the child: after journalists told about the miraculous rescue of the girls on television, local surgeons offered to do plastic surgery completely free of charge.

The huge ugly scar on Munni’s forehead was removed, leaving only a thin surgical scar that will not be visible over time.

To begin with, Rupe created a temporary prosthetic nose, which will change as long as the face and nose grow and change the skin tone.

When the girl grows up, she can have surgery to hide the traces of a terrible injury forever.

This amazing story is a confirmation that any child deserves love, care, happiness and full acceptance.

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A heartbreaking story about a wonderful woman and mother who gave her two daughters the opportunity to live a complete life.
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