Her mother receives sound marriage advise from her toddler.

Adult life is seen differently by children. When her parents quarrel, one child, in particular, dislikes it. Tienna is a lovely toddler who works part-time as a marriage counselor!

She sits on the steps talking to her mother. She asks, ‘Mom, are you ready to be his friend?’ Tienna wants everything to be calm, so she says the phrase, ‘I want everything to be low,’ while gesturing with her hands to show the level she desires.

Tienna continues to give advice, saying, ‘I don’t want you and my dad to be replaced and mean again.’ She explains her reasoning, saying, ‘I’m trying to do my best in my heart.

In his jammies, the toddler also gives a pep talk. ‘I think you can do it,’ Tienna tells her mother. I believe you may reduce your mean heights to short heights,’ she said, pointing to add visual aids to the presentation.

Midway through her speech, she begins to veer off into more typical childish territory, informing her mother that everyone would turn into a monster in the future. Then she expresses her concern that the monsters will take over, consume us, and replace us.

However, she is able to give her argument a firm conclusion, and her mother thanks to her and asks Tienna for a hug. The two embrace and her mom says, ‘I love you.’ Tienna replies, ‘I love you too!’

It is one of the cutest things you will ever see. Children can be so innocent and wise. Tienna crafts a masterful argument for a toddler-aged kid. Her emotional plea is sure to help the family get stronger!

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