The cute Parrot performs 1969 Rolling Stones classic with moves like Mick Jagger

Frank Maglio, Tico’s father, was a brilliant singer parrot. The bird and his person had a wonderful relationship. Frank enjoyed performing music. To be with his owner, the musically minded parrot began to sing along with him.

Frank recently got along with his next-door neighbor, Michael, who had Mick Jagger-styled hair. He made their musical cooperation more enjoyable. The proprietor was experimenting with a new device that included a looper and a drum machine. He was still learning how to play the instrument.

Frank admitted to his supporters that “keeping that instrument in tune was pretty tough.” However, it added authenticity to the song. It was flawless and sounded just like a live performance of The Rolling Stones’ Honky Tonk Woman.

Tico nailed the singing part. He loved the tune and sang along with the talented musicians, adding melody to his singing. The bird’s owner kept in sync with his pet parrot.

The musicians, Frank and Michael, enjoyed their collaboration a lot. They sat on a chair and had a very relaxed attitude. The three just wanted to have some fun, and they actually enjoyed themselves a lot.

Tico, the beautifully talented parrot, listened to the song and decided what he would sing. His green feathers on his throat were fluffing perfectly whenever he sang the high notes.

His response to the music was perfect, and the bird had this superpower with which he could change the listener’s mood in a few seconds. Tico’s version of the Honky Tonk Woman can be considered the best cover of the song.

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The cute Parrot performs 1969 Rolling Stones classic with moves like Mick Jagger
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