Please, people, talk to each other. It could save someone’s life.

Casey Fisher is a student and a young mother who had an ordinary day that day.

She went to eat lunch at a restaurant where a homeless man was sitting at the door.

He eventually decided to enter the institution, hoping that one of the visitors would be nice enough to feed him.

The poor man didn’t have any money at all.

If it wasn’t for Casey, he would have left the restaurant hungry.

The girl ordered lunch and tea for the unfortunate stranger and even decided to talk to him.

The young mother did not even guess what significance her act had for the homeless.

Fisher said she wanted to start a heart-to-heart chat with the man so he could express himself.

Perhaps her questions were overly intrusive, but the man did not object and gave the girl practically everything he knew.

Chris was his name.

His father was unknown to him, and his mother had lately died of cancer.

The man began to use drugs after the shock, which is why he fell to the bottom.

Everyone now treats him as if he were the dregs of society…

The conversation flew by very quickly, and the girl said goodbye to the homeless man to go to her workplace.

But he asked her to wait a couple of seconds and wrote something on the receipt.

Then the man apologized for the bad handwriting, gave her a note, and hurried out of the restaurant.

When Casey read the note, she realized how kind of a thing she had just done.

Their meeting was fateful!

Judge for yourself, that’s what the homeless man wrote to the girl:

“I wanted to end my life today.

But you made me come to my senses.

Thank you, wonderful man!”.

It would seem that a frank conversation is a mere trifle, but without it Chris would no longer be alive.

A little simple human communication with the girl helped the poor guy to understand that there are good people in the world, and this added strength and optimism to him.

He might even be able to start a new life.

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Please, people, talk to each other. It could save someone’s life.
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