Kitten embraces her stray dog, who was thrown away like trash.

A compassionate rescuer recently rescued a baby puppy that had been abandoned by his mother. Unfortunately, the poor little puppy was stuck in the trash or was unable to follow his mother around with her litter of puppies.

However, when the rescuers learned about the little puppy, they immediately rushed to rescue the baby. They traveled the whole day and searched for the puppy everywhere. At last, they found the little one.

The poor little puppy was crying in pain when they found him. Soon, the innocent being arrived home and met a beautiful kitten. The two of them developed a strong bond. But unfortunately, the little kitten had become very possessive of the puppy sibling.

The cat discovered the lovely white puppy resting. The cute animal approached him and tenderly hugged the fuzzy tiny one. It was as if two newborns were holding each other tenderly.

The kitten was tenderly handled by the savior. The animal was enthralled by the massage and did not want it to finish. The feline, on the other hand, was really drowsy and drifted asleep once the person finished touching her.

However, the kitten was very possessive about the baby brother. The cute feline never let the puppy out of sight. The tiny dog was found sleeping on the kitten’s back at one point.

Soon, the kitten woke up and stared at the owner. The feline was in a very attentive position. It was possible that the baby cat was not happy with the owner trying to come close to the puppy. This proved that the kitten was protective of the baby brother and was concerned for him.