WHAT AN ACT OF KUNDNESS! In the waiting room, Grandpa holds a stranger’s baby.

Joe Hale is an elderly man who does not use social media. Friends informed him that he had gone viral, which surprised him. With over a million views, Joe’s touching photo of him holding a stranger’s baby has gone viral.

In a waiting room, a single mother was attempting to complete papers. While carrying the infant, she was having trouble filling out the paperwork. Joe offered to assist, and Natasha Wilson, another onlooker, took the photo.

“As he held the infant, it was as if it were one of his children or grandchildren,” Natasha recalled. It was an incredible sight, unlike anything I’d ever seen before.’

The single mom wasn’t worried about letting Joe hold her child, saying, ‘I felt good, especially after he like sat down and we started talking.’ Joe seemed very content to share a few moments with this adorable baby.

Joe told the interviewer, ‘I didn’t care if the baby was black, green, or purple. It didn’t matter to me. I’d treat all children that way.’ Joe helped the mom, who says she usually has to do everything herself.

The baby’s mom said, ‘It feels good, cause like, you see so much bad stuff going on, and it’s just like, it feels good to see something positive for a change.’

Both Joe and the mother didn’t have social media accounts, and they were clueless about the number of views they had received. Friends and family reported the statistics to them. It is a beautiful story of kindness and the connection we all share!

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WHAT AN ACT OF KUNDNESS! In the waiting room, Grandpa holds a stranger’s baby.
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