The most important phone call you will ever hear

Carter wanted to talk on the phone with someone. As a result, his cousin allowed him to speak with her acquaintance. As a result, you’ll hear the cutest phone conversation you’ve ever heard.

He’s a little shy at first and doesn’t know what to say. Then he starts talking to the other person on the line in rapid-fire toddler gibberish.

Carter is asked if he likes his cousin. His cousin, who was standing nearby and recording the conversation, laughs when he angrily answers “no.” But the good times don’t end there.

Carter is still babbling about how his father is in the house. He also appears to believe his grandmother is present, but his cousin claims she is not.

The toddler bids farewell several times before rambling on in his invented language. He brushes off his cousin’s attempts to take the phone away.

Finally, he begins to sing a nonsense song to the girl on the other end of the phone. He goes on and on with his tune, even though neither of the adults understands what he’s saying.

Kids can do the funniest things. Sometimes you just have to sit back and press the record button. I’ll bet Carter’s cousin is glad she thought to make a video of this sweet moment!

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The most important phone call you will ever hear
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