In a laundry basket, two adorable twin toddlers talk about socks.

Twins are said to have their own language. A mother of multiples understands this more than anyone else, as she watches her children grow together in a manner that no other sibling pair could.

Little Lilah and Stella were caught on camera holding the most adorable meeting. One of the twins sits in the big laundry basket of clothes her mom undoubtedly just folded.

Her sister comes over to request a pair of socks. The two hold negotiations, and pretty soon the bargaining gets real. The other twin comes back into the camera’s view to join her sister in the basket.

She doesn’t come without gifts, though. She brings more pairs of socks to please her twin. The two girls, dressed alike in leopard print onesies, sit across from each other in the plastic bin.

They hold the most serious-looking meeting you’ll ever see between two eighteen-month-old babies about the importance of footwear. This video is simply too cute not to watch.

Even though their twin language is only known by the sisters, the word socks can plainly be heard. Their mother must have been overjoyed to be able to record this special moment.
These twins share an unbreakable relationship. They will be able to look back on their younger years and see how early their relationship began because of their mother’s foresight.

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