I Dare You Not To Melt. Here’s A Compilation Of Kittens Sleeping In Mommy or Daddy’s Hand.

There’s something about sleeping animals that makes them so relaxing to see. They are just cut off from the rest of the world and appear in their natural state. When my kitties fall asleep close to me, I love it. They are so adorable that I forget they just threw up a hairball 10 minutes earlier. As adorable as my cats are, nothing compares to the video presented here. Nothing. I’ll take on anyone who dares to challenge me.

This is a short video that explains everything: There are kittens of different shapes and sizes being held in the palms of their mother’s and fathers’ hands. They are hardly ever handled in both hands. They’re so tiny and adorable. When the kittens do this, they are on cloud nine. Do you recall the phrase “Sleeping Like a Baby?” “Sleeping Want a Kitten,” I’d like to change that too. They’re soundly sleeping here. The entire time, O was transfixed.

It’s simply that there are so many of them. I longed to reach into their stomachs and tickle each one. They’re very cute. It’s difficult to choose a favorite. Every time I thought I’d seen the cutest video ever, another would appear and take its place. All of them get a 1A from me. They’re all tied for first. That’s what I’m going with, and I’m going to stick with it. There isn’t a single terrible video in the entire collection.

I was a little depressed after watching these videos. I turned to face my two cats, both of whom my wife and I had acquired at a later age. I imagine what it would have been like to hold them as a kitten in the palm of my hand. Then I recalled that I avoided litterbox training and having them require constant attention, especially because of their weakened immune systems. Thank you very much, I’ll take what I have now…

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I Dare You Not To Melt. Here’s A Compilation Of Kittens Sleeping In Mommy or Daddy’s Hand.
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