What Appears to be a Kitten is brought in by a kind Samaritan. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

I’ve observed cats roaming the streets of my area on numerous occasions. They are normally quite wary of me and flee the moment I glance at them. There was one stray cat who was exceptionally sociable, but she was the exception. Then there’s the case of the cat found on the side of the road. However, the situation was not as it appeared. What exactly do I mean? View the video.

One night, a Good Samaritan saw what appeared to be a large kitten strolling down a road. It turned out to be a newborn bobcat upon closer investigation! They got her into a box somehow, and then they had to figure out what to do with her. It was impossible to keep it in their own home – what would happen if she grew bigger? The location would be obliterated. So they contacted Tampa, Florida-based Big Cat Rescue.

Spirit Feather certainly lives up to her moniker. She has a lot of sass. When it comes to moving her from crate to crate, the Big Cat Rescue staff have their hands full. She puts up a strong fight, and these workers require heavy gloves to avoid being badly scratched. But it’s not her fault. She is a frightened wild animal. Blood is drawn and she is vaccinated by the rescuers.

Spirit Feather is doing much better now. On January 10, 2017, she was even released into the wild. The procedure appeared to be fairly simple. It entailed moving her from one crate to another, then transporting her to a wildlife area, when they unlocked the crate and she sprang out, turning around and clawing everyone. No, I’m not serious. She dashed into a clump of bushes and vanished, content to spend the rest of her days in the wild, as she deserved.

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