Nobody thought the twins would make it. What it’s like for the girls following the most difficult operation ever

In July, twins Erin and Abby Delaney were born, such an event was supposed to bring great joy to parents, but in this case, the joy was replaced by a feeling of anxiety.

The babies were born 10 weeks ahead of schedule, each of them weighed 900 grams.

The worst part was that they had a merged brain, and the doctors couldn’t tell them what would happen.

The parents did not give up; instead, they pulled themselves together and resolved to do everything they could for their children, seizing even the tiniest opportunities to assist them.

When Erin and Abby were 11 months old, the doctors decided on a complicated operation.

The operation lasted 11 hours, the babies were separated and fortunately, both survived.

At the moment, the girls are almost 4 years old.

They feel good.

“I admire our babies. They are so wonderful and they are real heroes.”

The doctors were satisfied with the operation, they regularly monitor how the girls grow and develop, and this gives them hope for the same successful operations in the future.

By the way, this operation was the first in the history of medicine when Siamese twins were separated at such an early age.

“I can admit that we were scared ourselves.

But, no matter what, we tried to turn off these feelings and operate on the youngsters,” Dr. Hoyer explained.

The babies were placed in an induced coma after the operation to allow their bodies to recover from the stress.

Both girls are now receiving therapy to help them regain brain functions that were lost when they were connected.

Of course, the sisters will have to undergo other operations in the future years to repair their cranial boxes and replace the missing bones.

Parents who are content Erin and Abby are grateful to the physicians for allowing their daughters to grow up alongside them, and they sincerely hope that they have a joyful and fantastic life ahead of them, which they so richly deserve after enduring such adversity.

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Nobody thought the twins would make it. What it’s like for the girls following the most difficult operation ever
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