You’ll never understand why this woman is suing the shelter where her kitten was adopted.

Last February, a woman from New Mexico City acquired a one-year-old kitten from an animal shelter. However, the kitten was unable to remain with her for long. She launched a lawsuit against the shelter as a result of this.

Andrea Hauff is considering filing a lawsuit against the shelter where she got her kitten just a few days ago. She believes that she was not provided adequate information about her pet when she went to the adoption. She adopted a one-year-old kitten, but the shelter failed to notify her of the animal’s terrible temperament and hostility.

She claims that the cat’s behavior began to change after she brought it home, and it became highly aggressive. When the cat hid beneath the armchair, she attempted to remove it, but the kitten became enraged and scratched her hand.

According to her, the wound was so deep that she needed to be admitted to the hospital and undergo surgery to fix the damage.

The kitten had been in recovery for a long time in order to enhance his character, but when she came to adopt him, no one had informed her anything about the cat’s conduct, so she chose to take it home.

However, Melina, a shelter employee, claims that this is not the case and that it is false. She claims that the shelter is responsible for providing accurate information in each case and that no information about the animals is kept hidden from potential adopters. She tells out that while dealing with animals suffering from anxiety, owners can make mistakes.

The trial has yet to take place.

Caspia, the kitten, was taken to the animal shelter and returned. He was adopted again by a family a few weeks later, and they have not returned the kitty to the shelter, so we assume he is content in his new home.

We sincerely hope that this tiny kitty has a happy existence with his family for the rest of his life.

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You’ll never understand why this woman is suing the shelter where her kitten was adopted.
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