The fluffy little girl has matured. Today’s appearance of her

Baby Chanko Kano was born in 2017, in Japan.

Already from birth, the girl had lush hair, which became thicker and longer every month.

When the baby turned half a year old, her mother started an Instagram page and began sharing her pictures.

And after a while, baby Chanko had a lot of fans.

It was thanks to her gorgeous hair that the girl became famous, and about a year later she was invited to become the face of a popular shampoo brand, and a video was recorded with her participation, which was actively shown on local TV channels.

After that, other countries learned about Chanko.

And the number of people who have subscribed to her page on social media has surpassed 100,000.

Many folks were delighted to see the doll girl mature.

Several fashion magazines eventually signed a deal with the infant, and she began to feature on the front pages of glitzy magazines.

With age, Chanko’s hair has become more “standard, average”, but they are still very thick and voluminous. Sometimes they have to be shortened to avoid problems with caring for them.

At the moment, the girl is already three years old and her career is still gaining momentum.

She takes part in various festivals, and shows, appears on television, and her parents are interviewed.

Now hair is no longer her most important feature, she is just popular.

There are more than 400 thousand subscribers on her page, and fashion contracts and scheduled events with her participation are behind her, in advance.

Chanko is still only a child, but she is already predicted to have a future in the modeling business or on television.

The girl herself, like many at her age, dreams of a career as an actress, and loves to eat sweets and play with dolls.

We wish the baby creative success and good luck in all her endeavors!

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The fluffy little girl has matured. Today’s appearance of her
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