Kitten can’t figure out how to use the litter box, which is amusing.

This adorable kitten is melting people’s hearts. Just take a look at her priceless emotions as she attempts to figure out what this box is for.

One of the most difficult tasks a cat parent faces is teaching their kitten to use the litterbox. Well, I shouldn’t say the most difficult thing because some of them pick it up very quickly. From personal experience, it’s calm sailing sooner or later.

In either case, the kitten will ultimately figure it out and it will become second nature to them. In the meanwhile, there may be some humorous outcomes. This video appeals to me.

In the litterbox, we notice a kitten. She’s perplexed. What brings her here? Is she playing in a huge sandbox? She’s a kitten, after all! She has no experience with sandcastles. Wait. Isn’t it for acting like you’re at the beach? Oh, she’s expected to go to the restroom with it? Wait. Isn’t it true that she’s not supposed to utilize the floor? Perhaps that’s why Mommy rushed her over here when she appeared to need to use the restroom. What should I do?

It’s funny to watch this kitten struggle to figure out what she should do in the litter box. “Hmmm. Do I have to squat? Let me take a look around. Nope. There’s nothing going on. Oh. “Let me take a stand!”

Then she rises up, almost as if she’s trying to keep her cool. We’ve all been in that situation. Simply maintain a normal demeanor. That’s the deal.

Get ready to melt with total kitty cuteness overload. Watch the video and leave your review below: Wasn’t this kitten so adorable? Do you have any cat training tips? We’d love to hear them in the comments section. Enjoy!

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