At the same time, she became the mother of five daughters. What they appear to be presently

Among us are several well-known five-year-olds. Their parents became buddies in high school and married after graduating from universities. Unfortunately, their first child died, and the second could not be conceived right away. Varvara utilized hormonal medicines to conceive a child and, as is common in such situations, gave birth to several at once.

Doctors refused to carry out such a difficult pregnancy, and the couple went to give birth in Britain. Fortunately, there was an entrepreneur who decided to help with money.

In 2007, five lovely girls were born as a result of this. They were, however, quite early, and had to have a cesarean section at the 26th week of pregnancy. Representatives from the local administration were already waiting for them at the airport in their birthplace, holding the keys to a four-room apartment. One major diaper manufacturer offered their items for free.

Despite having to make an effort to attend kindergarten and school together, the girls grew up healthy and attractive. Despite the fact that he works, the girls’ father attempts to be as engaged in their upbringing as possible. Perhaps it’s because of his religious convictions – his entire family is a devout followers.

The girls attend Sunday school and clubs, each to the one that she enjoys the most. It could have something to do with the fact that both parents are teachers and know how to connect with children. As a result, all of the processes involving the girls are now well-organized, and problems have been resolved.

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At the same time, she became the mother of five daughters. What they appear to be presently
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