On the highway, two motorcyclists come upon a kitten. What Followed Was Fantastic.

What would you do if you came upon a stray animal who was in distress? Would you rather stop and assist it or expect that someone else will do so? This difficulty is demonstrated when two motorcyclists come upon a kitten in the middle of the roadway. It’s a marvel it hasn’t been struck by a vehicle. They have to make a decision. Because cars are speeding by and it’s dark, time is also of the essence.

All of this is captured by a single man’s camera. His friend claims he already has too many cats, so he agrees to take her in. He even admits to having a penchant for cats. The kitty is placed inside a spare helmet on the back of the motorcycle by the motorcyclist. Imagine riding alongside him and spotting a kitten peeking out from under his helmet. Hopefully, he didn’t get into any mishaps on the way back.

They got along swimmingly. You can see how attached the kitty is to him. She even uses her little claws to climb up his leg at one point. Enjoy it while you can, since it’s going to hurt when she gets bigger. Another cat lives there, as we can see. The man joked that the cat is possessed and insane since the light glows in her eyes. Bringing a new kitten home with an older cat might be risky. These two, on the other hand, appear to get along.

The story continues – there are links for two-week and two-month updates on the kitty. Her new papa had to nurse her back from an upper respiratory infection – there’s one particularly adorable moment when she’s sucking from a syringe – but she appears to have recovered since the crust around her eyes has disappeared. Let’s hope this leads to a long and happy stay in a forever home.

Wasn’t this SUCH an adorable video? What would you do? Would you bring the cat home or take her to a shelter? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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On the highway, two motorcyclists come upon a kitten. What Followed Was Fantastic.
She used to have dreadlock for a long time. How does she look with her curls?