With His Epic Kicks, This Taekwondo “Superbaby” Is Leaving Everyone Speechless.

Cezar Galvao Nascimento of Portugal has been honing his skill for the past 30 years.

The taekwondo masterworks as a personal trainer and physical therapy assistant as a sixth-degree black belt. He enjoys teaching martial arts to children, so when his son Joshua was born, he wasted no time in getting him started.

Cezar noticed Josh had a natural skill that could be quickly developed when he was just 8 months old.

“He couldn’t walk, he was clutching things, and then he raised his leg and kicked me.” “I was thinking, ‘Woah,'” the father remembered.

Cezar began training with his kid, teaching him how to kick above his head without injuring his opponent. Since then, he’s been rejecting critics who believe he’s just teaching his son to fight by pointing out that taekwondo teaches youngsters discipline and empowers them.

Cezar remarked, “I trained for 30 years, he got it at one year old.” “Martial arts develops the skills of the children, making them feel like superheroes.” “That’s why he’s known as ‘Superbaby.'”

Cezar focuses on teaching his kid right and wrong in addition to working on Josh’s physical abilities… Probably so that he can put his superpowers to good use!

Cezar’s TikTok channel has exploded since he started releasing recordings of Josh’s training sessions, as a toddler martial artist is a rare sight. Over a million people have followed him for updates on his “superbaby,” and his delightfully amazing posts have received millions of likes.

Cezar never misses an opportunity to teach his son, and the toddler appears to enjoy honing his talents. In fact, his father claims that each workout and training session is just another opportunity to help his son grow into a strong and responsible young man.

“We instill in him the values of respect and love for one another.” “I’m making him better and stronger so he can face life,” Cezar continued.

We’d say it’s working based on Josh’s ability to kick the cap off a water bottle.
Such dexterity for a child of his age! To be honest, we couldn’t do it as grownups. Josh is proving that you don’t have to be a specific age to achieve even the most difficult skill.

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