Triplets who are identical to each other. The gorgeous boys are already 7 years old: how do they grow and look?

These incredible children were born seven years ago.

At the time, the family already had a three-year-old girl, and the news of triplets startled the future parents, to put it lightly.

Scientists from around the world were astounded as well!

After all, triplet boys that are identical to each other were born.

According to statistics, such a case as that of a mother of children is one in 200 million!

About the kids, who immediately became a sensation, they were filmed for TV shows, written in magazines, devoted to the front pages of newspapers.

Seeing the continuing public interest in children, the parents decided to create a blog about the fun everyday life of the large family!

At first, it was a platform for the exchange of experiences.

Over time, it began to bring considerable income, thanks to cooperation with brands of children’s clothing and toys.

Today, seven-year-old celebrities are happy to pose in front of the camera in new suits and never cease to amaze subscribers.

Even his own mother couldn’t tell the difference between Roman, Roman, and Rocco at first.

With time, though, it became easier! Character-wise, the lads are diametrically opposed!

Roman has natural leadership ability.

Roan is known for his sanity and careful consideration in all he does.

Rocco is a perpetual motion machine and the main bully in the family!

The boys adore their older sister, who is also a very authoritative nanny for them.

The guys are already schoolchildren. It remains only to sympathize with their teachers!

After all, it is not easy to distinguish between three identical children who also dress the same.

Surprisingly, the triplets’ parents haven’t lived together in quite some time.

Tired of diapers and lack of sleep, the family’s father chose to live apart from the rest of the family for a bit.

The man was so relieved to be free of tension and restless nights that he decided to divorce his wife.

His now ex-wife has to pull three children alone.

She does not hold a grudge against her husband and has not been waiting for help from him for a long time.

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Triplets who are identical to each other. The gorgeous boys are already 7 years old: how do they grow and look?
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