Her parents built a time capsule for her when she was born. The girl opened it on her 18th birthday. Here’s what was inside:

Gracie Chastain, a happy and upbeat 18-year-old from the United States, recently celebrated her birthday.

Kim, the girl’s mother, gave her something unexpected to make the occasion even more joyous and meaningful.

This is what she kept for 17 years.

When Gracie was only a year old, her mother bought a time capsule for her, where she collected all the memorabilia associated with the birth of her daughter, called her friends and family members who wrote down wishes for her, and put everything most valuable for their family there.

Then she hid it away, and Gracie did not even suspect the existence of such a thing all this time.

“We’ve moved several times since the capsule was made, but for the past ten years it’s been concealed under boxes of books in the back of a large storeroom in our basement,” Kim explained.

“My children never go there because they believe it’s dangerous, so for all these years, no one knew about the capsule.”

And now it’s finally time for Kim to hand up this priceless present to Gracie.

And to make this moment even more memorable, she captured everything on camera.

Then the mother posted these pictures on her social media page, where they literally immediately went viral.

They have collected tens of thousands of likes and more than 100 thousand reposts.

Many users admired the woman and the fact that she was able to keep this secret for so many years.

Gracie was very surprised and touched by such a gift.

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