Today, a lovely encounter between a cute kitten and a girl who has never forgotten you will make you smile.

This is a sweet tale of a family who adopted a kitten. Before Claudia was born, the Arnold family had previously lived with this cat. Since then, the kitty has taken his duty as big brother extremely seriously, constantly defending and caring for the young female at all times of the day. The infant and the kitten were inseparable companions until the cat mysteriously vanished from the house without leaving any trace.

When the kitten went missing, his family put up posters with their photo all over the neighborhood, searched ceaselessly everywhere, in the park, and around the house, but he never showed up, and even posted on Facebook to try to find him, but nothing worked.

The young infant never forgot about her kitty, and she remembered him wailing on occasion. Whenever this happened, the mother would re-post the information about the missing kitten on social media in an attempt to locate it. Someone who works in a shelter thought he spotted the kitten the last time it happened. They agreed, and in the end, they were able to locate the missing kitten.

The family was given permission by a representative of the shelter to go and identify the cat. When they got to the location, this girl’s reaction to seeing her pet was amazing. When this little girl sees her kitten for the first time, her face beams with joy. She was overjoyed and dashed outside to cuddle her kitty. “That’s my kitty Cur,” she exclaimed as she dashed away. When Cursor got home, the family has already added a new member, but the kitten has settled in nicely. Kara then expressed her gratitude to everyone who assisted her in sharing information and locating her pet. This family will be eternally thankful for your assistance in locating their pet!”

It’s incredible to watch how children remember their pets even after being separated for a long time. It is undeniably a love and friendship relationship.

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Today, a lovely encounter between a cute kitten and a girl who has never forgotten you will make you smile.
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