She accomplished the unthinkable. Her mother, on the other hand, did more.

A girl was born in 1989.

The doctors were astounded by her appearance: most of the child’s legs were simply missing.

Her kidneys were damaged, and the handles were badly bent.

The baby’s parents were equally as taken aback.

They were unable to accept this and left the girl in the hospital.

The girl was raised in an orphanage for seven years.

She was abused, humiliated, and starved.

But the little heart was always warmed by the prospect of being adopted by a new family.

Guy Masters of Cincinnati, Ohio, saw the girl on TV and realized she had to take this child, save her, and help her.

They were able to meet for the first time when the girl was 5 years old.

However, due to the laws, adoption took an additional two years.

All this time the child lived in fear that Guy would never come back for her.

But the expectant mother was very supportive of the baby, she gave her faith and hope that soon everything will change for the better.

She wrote her letters and sent her photos.

Everyone was amazed at Guy’s decision to adopt a disabled child: both in the orphanage, and her family and friends.

Everyone insisted that the woman find a healthy child.

However, the American woman’s stubbornness saved the girl’s life.

There was an operation, after which the girl quickly managed to learn how to walk on prosthetics.

And gradually she already has the following results: running, roller skating, and even riding a bicycle. Oksana was really happy, she could not even imagine such a thing.

Over time, the girl found what became the passion of her whole life — rowing! And she did it.

She became a legend of Paralympic sports.

Already in 2012, at the Summer Paralympics in London, Oksana took medals in rowing competitions, two years later she was able to become a medalist in cross-country skiing at the Winter Paralympics in Sochi.

The girl became very popular. And soon a sports magazine sent her an offer of a photoshoot, which then conquered everyone.

Oksana is really very beautiful, she has a strong, athletic body, she will be able to achieve a lot.

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She accomplished the unthinkable. Her mother, on the other hand, did more.
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