A lovely story with a lovely conclusion. How does the girl from a mixed family look?

A lovely young lady Anya got married to an African man.

Today, we’ll find out if these young people were able to form a strong family.

The couple met through social media.

They finally decided to meet after a lengthy correspondence.

Having seen each other once, they no longer wanted to part.

Anya fell in love with Orpheus at first sight and soon received an offer from him to marry her.

The young man was studying, and then was going to return to Africa.

After seeing her daughter’s chosen one, Anya’s parents were categorically against their relationship, the girl herself, under the influence of her parents, also began to doubt whether she would be able to move to a completely foreign country and so far from her family.

But fate decided for her.

Anya found out that she was expecting a baby and all doubts have disappeared.

The wedding was played and then the young people went to Orpheus’ homeland.

The young man’s family gladly accepted the foreign daughter-in-law.

The couple has been together for two years; they adore one another and live in complete harmony and understanding.

Rayanna, their daughter, was born.

Anya has adapted to her new surroundings in Africa; the only thing she truly misses is milk.

After all, such products are sold here only in the form of powder.

Orpheus successfully works in an IT company, he does not earn badly and these funds are enough for the life of the family.

Soon the young man should be promoted at work.

And Rayanna is growing up a real beauty, you can see both mom’s and dad’s features in her.

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A lovely story with a lovely conclusion. How does the girl from a mixed family look?
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