Kitten Sees Peacock And His Plumage On Porch. I Was Crying From Laughing At His Antics.

When it comes to being annoying, animals, for the most part, tolerate the antics of the younger ones. Even their animal brains recognize that these are infants who don’t know what’s proper and what isn’t. When it comes to these things, even predatory animals have a heart. They may tangle with an adult animal, but they leave the young ones alone… even if the baby thinks they are a toy, as shown in this video.

On his porch, a kitten notices a peacock named Henry. Henry has spread his tail feathers as far as they will go… I’d say the thing is at least nine feet long from tip to tip. It’s quite impressive, and he doesn’t have much room to move around on the porch. This kitten thinks Henry is a cat toy… and this peacock puts up with his batting at his feet and feathers. This bird has razor-sharp claws, but when he’s annoyed, he just moves around the porch.

This kitten and his other kitten pal do not get Henry’s request to be left alone. The only thing on their minds is “OOH! KITTEN TOY!” no matter how many times he shifts his feet and moves to another part of the porch. They are determined to swat the bird’s feathers. While watching the whole thing unfold, the person filming it is nearly falling over with laughter.

Henry is in no danger. If he gets scared, he can fly away. He’s not fanning his feathers in an attempt to frighten the kitten. He’s performing it as part of a mating ritual. Perhaps he’s trying to impress a female peacock nearby by showing how gentle he is with the kittens. Like how a guy on a date might try to impress his date by demonstrating that a screaming kid nearby isn’t bothering him in the least… when he really wants to stuff two napkins in his ears to drown out the noise…

This video made me laugh out loud. So, how about you? Have you ever been in the presence of a peacock? If so, please share your experience in the comments section.

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Kitten Sees Peacock And His Plumage On Porch. I Was Crying From Laughing At His Antics.
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