“Wait Until This Seatbelt Sign Comes Off”: Couple Gives Mom with Crying Baby the “Stink Eye”—Flight Attendant Swoops in to Save

We’ve all heard that going through the hassle of airport check-ins and flying can be quite stressful in and of itself. Add three small children to the mix at 35,000 feet in the air, and you’re asking for a mommy meltdown.

Babies and planes don’t always get along, and unfortunately, some strangers aren’t so understanding of the uncontrollable crying fits that can ensue after takeoff.

That’s a struggle that a mother flying to LAX on Hawaiian Airlines last week all too well understood. With three children under the age of five, this mama’s hands were undoubtedly full.

While trying to calm her toddler for at least 45 minutes without success, the impatience of those around her became apparent as stink eyes and groans of frustration came from passengers.

Rachel Yuen, dissatisfied with the lack of compassion displayed, was about to get up and assist the struggling single mother when the seatbelt sign went off. But, before she could, she saw an incredible act of kindness unfold in front of her as a flight attendant stepped in to save the day in the most beautiful way.

“I literally have been thinking how I wanted to share this post. It’s going to be novel but worth the read. Promise.

Last night Jared and I caught a flight to LAX on Hawaiian Airlines. As we sat waiting to board the plane, we realized this was our first time being away from our kiddos at the same time. We’ve traveled separately before. But not together and not without the kids.

Needless to say, we began to comment on all the families traveling. Making jokes about how we don’t have a billion bags to carry and how we cannot pre-board since we don’t have TK. But then we began to notice the mommies who were traveling alone with their babies and we began to plan out how we can offer to help to be we’ve traveled so many times with the kids.

It was on the flight, where a single Mom of three was doing her best to calm her youngest one down. Her oldest couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. I watched her turn into an acrobat, trying to soothe her crying toddler, tossing and turning. Trying to find a position to make him comfortable. She paced the aisles back and forth and nothing could calm him down.

A couple in front of her kept turning around; giving her a stink eye. As if she was purposely trying to inconvenience them. I watched the woman in front turn around and snicker something at her children and all I could think of was ‘you wait until this seatbelt sign comes off…’ Jared could tell I was getting frustrated. Not at the child screaming. Not even at the mom. But irritated that people could see a mother desperately trying to soothe her child and still lack empathy. Right before I could get out of my seat, this happens…. a flight attendant walks over and asked to hold her son.”

“The mother seemed reluctant, embarrassed and at her wits end. She had tried for at least 45 minutes and nothing worked. The toddler reached out and the flight attendant rocked him… Up and down the aisle until he finally gave in. This is true Aloha spirit.”

“#HawaiianAirlines you should be proud of the people you hire who go beyond the call of duty and remind the world that kindness isn’t all that uncommon. I didn’t get her name but I’m sure someone knows who she is. To that flight attendant, thank you for your kindness. It was noticed all around that flight. You gave a mother a moment to breathe and you have no idea how priceless this was for everyone around to see. Mahalo Nui!”

Kudos to this sweet stewardess for stepping outside of her job description to provide the heart-to-heart customer service this overwhelmed mommy needed! You are a beautiful example of the kind of humanity we ALL need to infuse back into our world. 💛

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“Wait Until This Seatbelt Sign Comes Off”: Couple Gives Mom with Crying Baby the “Stink Eye”—Flight Attendant Swoops in to Save
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