Kitten adores playing with an empty tissue box. Is That Really An Empty Box?

Animals find the most amusing things to do to entertain themselves. You can spend a lot of money on various toys for them, but they’ll be content to play with your pen instead. They’re odd, to say the least. But it can be something as simple as this that catches their attention… and thus frees up some work time for you. Take, for example, this box of tissues that captivates a kitten… as well as a surprise in the box

We notice a kitten perched on top of a tissue box. He’s having a great time, though he appears to be pawing at something in the box. What’s inside? Is it possible that mommy or daddy left a tissue in there for him to shred and play with? Is he suffering from a runny nose? What exactly is it? Then we realize there’s another kitten in the box who wants to get out. There is plenty of breathing space, so there is no risk of suffocation.

The kitten on the bottom was probably trying to tell his brother that he was trapped in the box and couldn’t get out… STOPPING PAWING AT ME! When he finally gets out of the box, with a concerned mommy looking on, he biffs him on the head as if to say, “You should have been out of the box sooner!” Oh well, all’s well that ends well, even if the thought of being in that box made me feel claustrophobic…

To be honest, there was only one thing that disappointed me about the video: I was hoping that the kittens’ mommy or daddy had rigged the box like a clown car so that we could see kitten after kitten emerge. This is adorable as is, but a little something extra would have made it even better. Oh well, I guess we can’t have it all, can we? That extra time spent digging holes in the ground…

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Kitten adores playing with an empty tissue box. Is That Really An Empty Box?
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