People walk right past the kitten sitting in a shoebox on the curb. I kept waiting for one of them to come to a halt.

There are numerous “What Would You Do?” type shows on the market. The producers set up scenarios, ordinary people come in and actors act out these scenes that present certain dilemmas, such as pretending to be short on money on a transaction or pretending to be drunk on the job and then having to go out and drive to a customer. It’s a morality story… and this video is similar, except that no host runs out and interviews the people afterward.

We come across a kitten in a shoebox on a street corner. The little guy appears to have been abandoned. Will people help this fuzzball find a new home, or will they go about their business as usual? Unfortunately, it appears to be the latter, as we see many feet pass by without even stopping to notice what’s there. Finally, we see a pair of female feet walk by, stop, then turn around and approach the box. She reaches down and takes the kitten away while saying, “Be the Change You Want to See in the World.”

Let’s get one thing straight right away: this was a public service announcement. The kitten was not in any danger and had not spent the entire day in the box. The filming took no more than a half-hour. Because the people who used him knew he wasn’t going to climb out, he was the subject. There were no variables that could have ruined it… they had complete control over everything.

SCARS, a Greek rescue organization, was the inspiration for this video. I’ve previously written about them. Another reason this kitten was not in danger was that he’d been rescued by the SCARS people and had already been checked out and declared healthy. What was the point of this? People must reclaim control of their lives and not allow outside forces to do so. Though it is nice to have a helping hand from time to time.