‘Talking’ With Her Young Kittens: Mommy Tiger Cat This entire scene made me cry.

Seeing a parent engage with a baby is one of the most beautiful sights. There’s just something about the love they show when they show their child how to see the world and interact with the people in it… Identify the parent who is standing exactly in front of them. Of course, because the baby has a limited vocabulary, the early engagement is limited. As you can see in this video, that doesn’t deter them.

We see a Tiger Cat with her three kittens sitting in a box. They are really young and have only recently begun to “speak.” As they roll around, their mother is paying close attention. They are still working out how to use all of their legs at the same time. They bump into each other pretty frequently, yet none of the kittens appear to notice.

The mother and her kittens are very noisy with one another. Seeing them interact is such a wonderful scene. Because the kittens have just recently opened their eyes, they are likely to be perplexed by what they are seeing. It’s possible they’re hungry. They could be drowsy. They can be curious about the location of the litter box. Mommy appears to be pleased that they are conversing. Maybe she didn’t think they talked enough before. My wife and I had the same thing. “He doesn’t say much!” “Wait a minute.” “Can he quit talking so much?” *two years later* “I warned you.”

I’m curious about the conversation. “Mommy?” “Yes?” “How come our faces are all squashed together like this?” “Because the first of our species collided with a wall, and no one ever fixed it.” “Really?” “No. It’s because the first one slept off with a book pushed against their face.” “You’ve got to be kidding!” “I am,” says the speaker. But seriously, I have no idea. This is how we appear. Now, youngster, go get some rest. You’re going to need it.”

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‘Talking’ With Her Young Kittens: Mommy Tiger Cat This entire scene made me cry.
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