Sweet-Talking Toddler Makes a Brilliant Excuse to Get Out of Trouble; Her Reasoning Is Hilarious!

Josie, the sweet little girl, is a highly resourceful young lady who knows how to stay out of trouble.

This period involves a particularly nuanced and difficult remembrance, best recounted by her father as follows:

“[Josie] “supposedly” bit her cousin Andrew by mistake or on purpose while watching Miles from Tomorrowland on Sunday at o’clock. She didn’t, however, swallow the bite.”

The goal is to get the truth regarding a biting event, but there’s no way to get a straight answer… What is the most important aspect of her defense? “It was a planned accident.”

Hilarious! Josie reacts with a confident, unassuming, and innocent nod as her father double-checks her excuse. Not to mention the amazing facial expressions, which absolutely work in her favor.

Watch this clever little kid come up with the cutest and most ridiculous excuse ever!

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