Chronic bladder pain led to surprise baby birth – mum’s incredible story

A woman gave birth at home the morning after being released from A&E, just hours after doctors told her she was six to eight weeks pregnant.

Erin Hogg, 20, went to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn because she was suffering from severe discomfort.

Despite her concerns, doctors assured her that there was nothing wrong, despite the fact that testing revealed she was in the early stages of pregnancy.

Erin returned to her Wisbech home, still in pain and shock, but called 999 the next morning due to agonizing aches.

She waited for the ambulance for around 15 minutes.

“Within five minutes of them being here I had to rush to the toilet as I felt I needed to go ASAP – I thought I was constipated!” she said.

“I was crying to my partner, Karl.

“After using the toilet, I was halfway down the stairs when I put my hand down and all I could feel was a baby’s head.

Far from being six to eight weeks pregnant, Erin was in full labor and was pushing for 11 minutes.

Piper Summersgill, her daughter, was born on August 10 at 10:11 a.m., weighing six pounds and seven ounces.

“I can’t thank the EMS service enough for their assistance, especially after the profanity that flew out of my mouth!” she added.

The ambulances transported Piper back to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital after she was born.

“The ward I was on was incredible,” she remarked.

“I needed a blood transfusion due to the amount I lost while delivering birth.”

Erin was at least familiar with the hospital protocols because her kid was born there 15 months before.

“I had a completely normal birth,” she explained.

Erin has finally been able to go to her family home in Scotland to show off the latest member of the family.

“I had no idea I was pregnant at all,” she said.

“I had no bump; no pregnancy symptoms and I still had my regular periods.”

“I also had Covid and had my first vaccine whilst pregnant with Piper – even then I had no idea!”

Erin went to King’s Lynn hospital on August 9 with chronic bladder pain.

“I told them my bladder felt like it was about to explode,” she said.

“I got examined by a doctor who pressed down on my stomach, but I was in so much pain I just kept crying asking them to stop.”

The doctor told Erin something didn’t feel right in her stomach, and they could feel some hard lumps.

They advised her to have a scan.

“To start with they thought I had a urine infection,” said Erin.

“The scans the doctor wanted to be got declined twice by the A&E staff.”

Erin had numerous blood and urine tests and ended up being told that she was between eight and nine weeks pregnant.

She asked for a scan that would have allowed her to properly find out how far along she was, but this was refused.

“I had one nurse telling me I’m going to the ward so need to do two Covid tests, but another told me to go home at just gone midnight.

“All I had at the hospital was some morphine which never even touched the edge of the pain.

“I kept telling them that but ended up leaving with no explanation at all,” she added.

Erin feels the A&E department let her down massively.

“If only they did that scan,” she said.

She is putting in a written complaint and wants answers to what went wrong.

“Myself and my partner were just traumatized by the whole situation,” she said.

Alice Webster, Chief Nurse at QEH, said: “The Trust has contacted Ms. Hogg to apologize for the shortcomings in our care and to listen to her concerns.

“We will carry out a thorough investigation after which we will offer to meet Ms. Hogg to share the findings and our learning.”

Erin would like to thank the ambulance crew who helped her with the birth of Piper, as well as the team on the ward who cared for her in hospital.

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Chronic bladder pain led to surprise baby birth – mum’s incredible story
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