Nanny begins caring for a toddler suffering from liver failure and makes an incredible offer.

Doctors discovered evidence of jaundice in Talia Rosko’s eyes when she was just 9 weeks old. Further tests revealed that the newborn had biliary atresia, a potentially fatal disorder in which the liver is unable to function properly. Talia’s name was immediately added to the organ donor waiting list, and her family hoped for the best.

Talia’s parents, George and Farra Rosko, met 22-year-old Kiersten Miles about this time. Miles was employed as a nanny by the Roskos to care for Talia and their other two children. Miles fell in love with Talia after only a few weeks on the job and began thinking of ways she might help.

It was then that Miles realized… she could save Talia’s life.

Miles knew her blood type was O, which is compatible with all other blood types, so after talking to her parents Miles decide to donate part of her liver to Talia.

“I was taken aback,” Farra Rosko admitted. “I had no idea she was this selfless – I’ve come to realize that this is how she is.” She truly is an angel on Earth; I know that sounds ridiculous, but it is true.”

Miles was worried that something would go wrong during the surgery, but when she awoke, physicians were there to make sure everything went well. “He assured me that I will be able to see her within the next few days.” He claimed she was doing fantastic. And as he went, I just burst into tears.”

A few days later, Miles went to see Talia for the first time. The little one opened her eyes and smiled at Miles in a moment that “just made everything worth it.”

It’s just amazing that a 22-yr-old college student would look beyond herself to see the needs of a baby that can’t even speak. If we all would love a little more like Miles, this world would come alive in an instant. Remember, organ donors save lives!

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Nanny begins caring for a toddler suffering from liver failure and makes an incredible offer.
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