They needed to find a foster mother to save the abandoned kitten. Perhaps the husky?

Rosie, a little kitten, was only three weeks old when she was rescued, and she was in awful condition. Despite her new human parents’ best attempts, it didn’t look like she’d make it through the night.

With time running out, the kitten was getting increasingly lethargic and limp, and it made sense to attempt anything. Even if a gorgeous Siberian husky like Lilo isn’t your typical go-to kitten aide, she might be able to assist.

Huskies, as the name implies, are native to Siberia, a vast territory in central and eastern Russia. The Chukchi, an indigenous people from the extreme east end of Siberia, reared them to be hunting companions. Huskies are now quite popular as pets since they are really attractive and get along well with people, particularly children.

Rosie and Lilo built an incredible bond almost immediately. It was as though the husky realized she needed to treat the kitten like a dog. “By some miracle, she began suckling on Lilo, and Lilo went into full mom mode.'” The way Lilo licked Rosie’s abdomen was perhaps the most wonderful thing.

This Husky was behaving exactly like a mother cat! Rosie not only survived that first night, but she gradually acquired strength thanks to her surrogate husky mom. After only a week, the kitten opened its eyes and started going around on her own.

Check out the video below if you don’t mind risking a cuteness overload.

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