Divide it up! Mama cat puts an end to her kittens’ wrestling match in a humorous way.

Cats can be difficult to read. For example, if two cats who generally live peacefully under the same roof start fighting, how can you know if it’s a little fight that will be over shortly, a major fight in which one or both cats may be wounded, or if the two cats are just having fun? When cats engage in fisticuffs, they may do so “simply for enjoyment,” which we would not tolerate if children were present.

When cats become serious about fighting, it’s usually over territory. Even house cats are aggressively territorial (territory can include toys and people, not just places). They have particular locations and are irritated when another cat trespasses on them. When a new cat is introduced into a home, it may be perceived as a menacing intruder rather than as a possible new buddy.

Males, even if neutered, have a strong desire to be the dominant cat. Fighting is one method of establishing (or reinforcing) the pecking order. Often, the non-dominant cat will avoid provoking the dominant cat, although confrontations can still occur. One other thing that’s been known to trigger fighting is misdirected aggression. This occurs when a cat becomes enraged by something but lacks the ability to attack that something. A cat staring out the window, for example, might see the neighbor’s dog, grow upset, and then take it out on another cat. Things aren’t always logical.

Fighting behavior in kittens is quite normal, and only a mother can detect if they’re just playing or if it’s a true battle. The movie below will show you a very sweet and humorous example. Two very young kittens are having a wrestling match — or at least trying; they don’t seem to really know how to fight yet. Their mother appears unexpectedly, and her intervention must be seen to be believed!

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Divide it up! Mama cat puts an end to her kittens’ wrestling match in a humorous way.
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