Mum gives birth to three babies in one year – and they’re NOT triplets!

A Sydney mother discovered she was expecting twins just SIX WEEKS after her first child was born. That’s three infants in a year!

Eliza Curby, 27, claims she believed you ‘couldn’t become pregnant while you’re breastfeeding,’ but the old wives tale couldn’t be further from the reality…

“Find out we were pregnant again it was a shock!” she tells us. “A mix of excitement ad apprehension at the thought of another, not just one, but two babies, so soon.”

Six weeks after giving birth to her first child, Eliza learned she was expecting twins. Supplied source
Eliza claims Ben went white with astonishment at first, but they quickly ‘laughed it off.’

“A part of me wanted to cry,” Eliza admits. “The other part of me simply laughed, and that’s what we did, we laughed and laughed and laughed.”

Three infants were born in a single year!

Eliza gave birth to her daughter Charlie in January 2016 and her twin boys, Jack and Wolfe, arrived in December that same year. The mum-of-three now documents what it’s like having three babies born under one year on her blog, TwinGenuity.

Wow, hat off to Eliza for giving birth so many times in one year!

Meanwhile, this mum found out she was expecting to TRIPLETS one week after giving birth.

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Mum gives birth to three babies in one year – and they’re NOT triplets!
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