A motorist miraculously saves a freezing kitten on the side of the road.

A Russian man named Slava was driving down the road on a chilly and snowy day when he observed something on the side of the road. “I mistook it for an animal, and it must have been freezing in this cold.” Cars continued to pass past, but no one stopped. “I knew I had to do something to save the cat.” He attempted a U-turn, but it scared the animal, so he pulled off the road a short distance away and walked back.

“Because it was really cold, I covered her in a towel and carried her back to my car.” To assist eliminate the frost on her coat, I turned up the heat to full blast.” Slava drove to his father’s house, where they wrapped the cat, subsequently named Nika, in a warm blanket and placed her near a radiator.

She appeared to be doing much better after a few hours. “I assume the kitten got confused and ended up in a field with a few trees and she couldn’t find the exit due to heavy snow and didn’t have the strength to go,” he says of Nika nearly freezing by the side of a road.

The next step was to get Nika some professional care. They took her to the veterinarian, who concluded she was about six months old. Her tail was partially frostbitten, and the majority of it had to be removed. Nika was a wonderful trooper despite having to wear the cone of shame.

“She was aware that we were attempting to assist her. She was patient, didn’t complain, and was really kind throughout.” Nika was back to her old self in a matter of weeks, a normal lively young cat who enjoys chasing after her toys. Watch the video below and offer three cheers to Nika’s new father, who gladly stopped to save her.

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A motorist miraculously saves a freezing kitten on the side of the road.
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