Because he doesn’t want to wake the kittens, this puppy does this instead!

Do you recall the Tom and Jerry cartoons? Do you remember how a dog would occasionally save Jerry from Tom? When I saw this, I was certain that dogs and cats were natural adversaries. Do I still think that way? No. After I had a cat and a dog, I stopped believing it. That’s correct! They don’t always fight, but they do play a lot.

They may have different personalities, but they complement one another in an amusing way. I have a dog and a cat, so I can attest to this. My dog is really protective of my cat. One of my dog’s favorite things to do is to comfort my cat, Misha when she appears to be having a bad dream. This occurred on the first day Misha was here.

She was sleeping in her brand-new bed when she began to shake and meow about an hour into her sleep. Cleopatra, my dog, went to investigate what was going on. She discovered Misha sleeping and agitated. Cleopatra took a blanket and sat next to her, licking her lips. Misha awoke from her unpleasant dream as a result of this.

My son was astounded that something like this could occur. He also believed that dogs and cats were designed to be adversaries. And this is despite the fact that Cleopatra and Misha are both girls. Misha is like a daughter to Cleopatra. My dog enjoys sharing her food with the cat as well. The game of tug-of-war is their favorite pastime.

They accomplish this by holding a towel from each end and pulling as hard as they can. Cleopatra, of course, does not go all the way because she is much larger than the cat. Cleo enjoys convincing Misha that she is the stronger of the two. And, in Misha’s opinion, she is the queen of the home.

In the following video, an adorable dog likewise wants the best for her children. The only difference is that her offspring are cats. The cats are fast asleep, and the dog is right next to them. The dog wants to get up, but the kittens are so near that she might wake them up. What does she do in this situation? To find out, watch the video.

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Because he doesn’t want to wake the kittens, this puppy does this instead!
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