A Tiny Toddler’s First Summer Rain Experience Is What Pure Joy Looks Like.

Don Swift, an Atlanta parent, and devoted family man has diligently documented a number of “firsts” in his toddler daughter Harper’s brief life on the Swift Family YouTube channel.

Is this your first trip to the pet store? Check. First outing as a family? Check. What’s the first time you’ve crawled with the family dog? Check. In fact, nearly 20 million people have seen Harper, a five-month-old at the time, crawl across the living room toward the family dog, who rewards the effort with a sweet lick.

Fast forward roughly 10 months to the summer of 2015, when Harper, who is now about 1.5 years old, experiences her first summer rain.

“Although she’d seen it from the window previously, this was her first experience playing in the warm summer rain… and her reaction was absolutely wonderful!” her parents wrote in the caption.

The family had returned home after an outing, but all the way home, “she simply couldn’t get enough, from the car ride home and watching it pour all over the car windows, to getting out and wanting nothing more [than] to run around, play … with her Daddy.”

“We’re gonna go out there in the rain,” he says in a voice brimming with giddiness.

“You’re gonna get wet! Alright, here we go!”

Watch this pure father-daughter moment in the video below. Share if you agree every new experience in a child’s life should be treasured!

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A Tiny Toddler’s First Summer Rain Experience Is What Pure Joy Looks Like.
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