Toddler Twin Is A Pro At Making His Sister’s Boo-Boo Feel Better.

When we fall down in life, it’s always a nice thing to have someone to help us get back up, dust ourselves off, and feel better.

Twin toddlers Levi and Aleksi are playing in their driveway in the cutest 17-second video you’ll ever see when Aleksi falls and scratches her knee. As she bends over to examine her boo-boo, her brother drops the toy he’s playing with and comes over to see it… Then he performs the cutest thing!

Here’s Aleksi’s boo-boo — as mom says in the video, it looks pretty bad. *Wink wink*

Levi bends down and purses his little lips into a big kissy face, then proceeds to kiss her little scrape to make it feel better. What a considerate little guy!

Levi and Aleksi have always shared a special bond and it shows in all of their interactions — even when they’re asleep.

The adorable video quickly went viral, and it was featured on Ellen and other shows for obvious reasons. What a lovely reminder that a little love may go a long way toward repairing all of life’s hiccups.

Watch the video below, and don’t forget to share it to spread the love to someone who might need it today!

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Toddler Twin Is A Pro At Making His Sister’s Boo-Boo Feel Better.
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