On their way to Communion, an adorable toddler stands on a church pew to hug everyone.

For most parents, the prospect of their child hugging every person who goes past them sounds like a nightmare. But we think it was pretty heartwarming for Tyler Hull, who witnessed his small daughter Aubrey embrace a long line of people one after the other.

In the video, Aubrey stands on a pew and gives each churchgoer a small squeeze as they walk past her. (Because she can’t be more than three feet tall, the pew is required to help lift her up in order to properly execute those squeezes, and it’s adorable.)

As specified by the caption, Aubrey is hugging her fellow parishioners as they make their way to the front to receive their communion, making for what has to be the sweetest service ever.

Whether young or old, short or tall, no person is left un-hugged, and many react with grateful smiles and well-deserved back pats.

Angels do walk among us! Aubrey proves that there is nothing better than universal love. She’s like one of those people who stand in parks with the “Free Hugs” signs except exponentially cuter.

Watch her adorable antics in the video below.

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