Check out Winnie the lovely kitten’s incredible dance moves when his favorite song starts playing!

I believe dogs behave differently when they are aware that a camera is recording them. I realize it may seem tough to wrap your head around this, but once your pet understands what a camera accomplishes, he’ll be a whole different cat or dog. I did the same thing with my second dog, a Terrier. We’d just purchased a camera and were ecstatic about all the possibilities it provided.

In my situation, I would record pretty much anything I could for many hours. I had a sunset, a sunrise, vegetation, and animals all around me. I also captured a lot of footage of my dog just being a dog. I documented the first time it snowed after I received the camera, as well as the first time we got to go camping. One of the things that astonished me the most was how fascinated my dog became when he saw himself on camera.

When my dog watched himself on video, I assumed he’d think it was just another dog. It had just snowed the first time this happened. I had gone outdoors with my brothers to build a snowman and film our dog doing crazy things. We returned inside to see how the recording appeared. Because our dog was with us, he wanted to be a part of it as well.

My puppy was frightened when he saw himself on video. I believe he mistook it for another dog. Then I noticed how his face transformed when he saw the rest of us on video. He’d glance at the recording for a moment, then back at us. He seemed to be comparing the two to determine if they were the same item. After a few minutes, he became ecstatic every time he saw himself.

It was a lot of fun to record all of that, and we discovered that our dog was the most amusing when he didn’t realize a camera was present. So we recorded him when he wasn’t aware of it. When we went out to get groceries, he had the entire house to himself. When we returned, we discovered that he had done the most amusing things while we were gone.

Probably like the guy who shared the video below. He had a very cute kitten, and he was told that the kitten would go crazy whenever his favorite song was played. So, to see if this was true, he set up a covert camera. Then he simply waited for the song to play before filming the most amazing dance movements performed by a kitty. This is something you must see!

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Check out Winnie the lovely kitten’s incredible dance moves when his favorite song starts playing!
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