Take a look at how this once-rejected small kitten has transformed! AMAZING!

When I hear of heartbreaking rescues, I generally think of dogs, but there are a lot of videos out there that show other animals that need to be rescued as well. I recently watched a video of a baby donkey and his mother. This happened in India last year. A squad of rescuers received a request to assist in the rescue of a newborn donkey who had been assaulted by wild creatures.

When the rescuers arrived, they discovered the newborn donkey was in poor condition. Some neighbors said they heard the donkey sobbing and making a lot of grunting noises, so they went to check on him. When the neighbors arrived, they discovered the donkey on the ground, covered with bite wounds. They were well aware that if the baby donkey did not receive quick medical attention, his life would be jeopardized. Some of them applied powder to the wounds as a home cure to halt the bleeding.

That could have been one of the keys that allowed him to gain some time. When the rescuers checked the wounds, they discovered that they were deep and that he would very certainly require sutures. One thing that rescuers have failed to recognize is that the baby’s mother was also present and did not want to leave his baby’s side.

They were aware that bringing the baby donkey to their refuge would be difficult because the newborn’s mother would view their actions as an attempt to harm the infant. So they devised a wonderful plan. Why not bring the mother along? And that is just what they did. They took the mother with them and made sure she could see her baby as soon as the doctors completed treating his wounds.

I recently witnessed another of these heartbreaking rescues, which made me gasp for a second. The following story is about a freshly rescued kitty. You’ll be able to see how damaged his spirit was just by looking at him and his manner. The worst part was how young he was. What may have happened to him to cause him to be so depressed?

When the rescuers discovered him abandoned, they resolved to give him the best second chance they could. They bathed the cat and discovered he had a severe skin disease. The kitty was in the best form of his life after some antibiotics and a lot of sensitive loving care. Sit back and watch the video to observe the incredible transformation!

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Take a look at how this once-rejected small kitten has transformed! AMAZING!
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