Tiny Toddler Spies Massive Dog At Store & Has Cutest Reaction When He’s Introduced.

During a recent outing to a pet store in Massachusetts, customers must have done some significant double-takes when they witnessed a little kid and a young cow getting acquainted.

At least, that’s how it appears at first glance. The truth is that this gorgeous little child was just beginning to form a bond with Kernel, a harlequin great Dane. The fact that they’re both one year old may have helped strengthen their bond.

However, have a look at the size difference!

Kernel and the child take a few moments to get to know each other – of course, the toddler is fascinated by the enormous dog’s size and splotchy fur, chuckling as they get to know each other.

Kernel, on the other hand, is more concerned with how the little guy smells… Maybe he has some food remaining from a previous meal in his hair?

“Sniff … friend? Food? Friend? Friend,” one viewer joked.

It makes sense that the giant pooch is so gentle, though. After all, his owner did help him get certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen. Kernel is on track to become a service dog at some point!

That doesn’t stop him from being an adorable goofball, though, as evidenced by his Instagram account.

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