Kitten Wasn’t Able To Walk Up The Stairs, So Her Canine Pal Did The Only Reasonable Thing.

There are numerous types of videos available on the internet. The ones that highlight inter-species relationships are among the most popular.

Cats and dogs are sometimes stereotyped as adversaries. However, as this video demonstrates, these two species may be the best of friends. When you see this, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Tennyson is the name of the German shepherd in the video, and Moo is the name of his small little kitten companion. Tennyson is a colossus in comparison to Moo, as you can see. As they get bigger, small children require assistance from an adult. The dog is well aware of this. So when Moo is having problems climbing the stairs, he jumps in to offer some much-needed assistance.