His killer dance moves look semi-professional, despite the fact that he can barely walk.

Some people are born with the ability to dance and don’t need to be taught.

A good sense of rhythm is a skill that not everyone has. Many folks must learn to simply clap along with the beat… When it comes to mastering dancing movements, how about you? Put it out of your mind! Simply put, some people aren’t cut out to rule the dance floor. Then there’s this youngster.

The lovely, little chubby monkey’s pinky finger has more rhythm than most people’s entire bodies! Even though he’s just 17 months old and still in diapers, his little head starts bobbing when the music starts playing.

Just look at the expression on his face! Move over, Patrick Swayze, because there’s a new “Dirty Dancer” in town. This little guy knows how to swing those hips, and the way he keeps popping his shoulders is straight out of a music video.

Judging by the way his mom is snapping her fingers along to the beat, it seems that rhythm runs in the family. This little guy just can’t resist running to Mom for a quick minute in the middle of his solo dance. What a cutie pie!