When parents put their toddler between identical twins, he is hilariously baffled.

The world can be perplexing enough for adults, let alone a little boy who is still figuring out how to use a diaper!

Even adults have trouble telling the difference between identical twins, so you can imagine what was going through Landon’s mind when he first saw his cousins. The look of pure bewilderment on this baby boy’s face is beautiful and beyond words.

For about half a minute, poor Landon just sits there with his mouth slightly agape, slowly swiveling his head back and forth between the two little girls in matching outfits on either side of him.

Is this a case of sudden onset double vision or did someone put something in his milk bottle again?

And, let’s face it, who wouldn’t be perplexed?

When he turns to his right, he sees her, crying her little heart out and flailing her arms and legs.

Then he turns to his left: Wait. How did you get there so fast? And weren’t you just crying a second ago?