When a kitten meets her father, her reaction is unexpected.

Another lovely must-see film from the Teddy Kittens. This time, the British Shorthairs have uploaded a video of Coco, their small white kitten, meeting her father, William. That is an incredibly memorable and adorable reaction.

With such a sweet mother cat and a huge, muscular father, this British Shorthair can only be expected to grow up healthy and happy. Coco’s first meeting with her father is a great scene.

After all, daddy cat William is a big, intimidating figure, and Coco the kitten appears to be terrified at first. This huge feline is her protector and father, so the young one didn’t have to be concerned.

The bonding can commence once William has made his presence known and has given Coco a fair smell. This is a happy cat family, and it’s just going to grow happier.

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