In this adorable video, a toddler tries to cook dinner for a “Special Girl.”

At the time, allowing a three-year-old to plan a dinner date seemed like a brilliant idea. Travis would delegate all of his responsibilities to his child, Tydus. The young toddler was in charge of dinner planning, grocery shopping, and even cooking.

It was all because Tydus wanted to do something special for his “special girl.”

Tydus almost forgets to prepare a food list on his way to the supermarket, which sets off the adventure. Lasagna, garlic bread, and “pog juice” all made it into the cart, thankfully.

He’s only cooking for two people, but he buys enough food to feed a ten-person household.

Everyone was cheering for the little guy as he returned home. Do you think he remembered the flowers? Check. What about mood lighting? Check. Forks? Double-check everything.

He had the table set up well, but then it came time to pour the pog juice, and that’s when things started to go wrong.

His initial attempt lands all over the place, but the small boy cleans up quickly.

Tydus managed to get the pog juice into the cup in the second attempt with minimal spillage. Hooray! He’d developed a touch too much confidence by that time. He slid on the slick floor and wiped out as he dashed to the table. The pog juice was splattered all over the floor once more.

But you have to hand it to Tydus – even after he’s wiped up half a jar of pog juice, he’s a happy little man!

Everything is finally in place, and his “special girl” comes. It’s impossible to put into words how wonderful this moment is!

Watch his adorable first dinner date in the video below and be sure to share the giggles with someone else you know!

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In this adorable video, a toddler tries to cook dinner for a “Special Girl.”
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