In a popular video, a 2-year-old comforts his sobbing baby sister right away.

As we come to the end of an extremely trying 2020, here’s some wisdom we should take into the new year: “It’s okay. Take a deep breath.” No, this isn’t the slogan of some meditation guru; it’s what a little two-year-old told his crying baby sister to calm her down. Later, the clip of the adorable big brother went viral on TikTok, and it’s the first time their mother had ever posted something on the site.

This isn’t the first time two-year-old Beau has calmed down his six-month-old sister, Ainsley, according to Kristen Reformato of New Jersey. She was, nevertheless, able to capture the scene on film. Of course, such adorableness must be shared.

“My sister was like, ‘You have to put this on TikTok,’ so it was actually my first TikTok post,” Reformato said. “On TikTok, we’re at 4.5 million [views] for that particular video. It’s crazy.”

Beau holds a toy truck in the popular video footage, which shows the two brothers laying side by side in bed. “It’s okay!” Beau says when Ainsley starts crying. “It’s all right!” she says, her voice endearing. “Take a big breath,” he urges as his sister glances at him, suddenly quiet. He also shows her how to take a yogic breath. Reformato was preparing them for a sleep when this happened, but she wanted to take a picture for her husband first. When Beau began soothing the wailing baby, the camera was set up in this manner.

Beau is a happy, friendly little kid who enjoys waving to passing customers. He’s also Ainsley’s older brother, and he’s a responsible one. As a result, his reassuring words have been widely circulated on parenting websites and news channels.

How to Calm a Screaming Child
While Beau’s relaxing technique is effective for adults, it is ineffective for babies, with the exception of Ainsley. In truth, calming a wailing infant is a never-ending challenge that all parents encounter, and most of them don’t have a baby-whisperer on hand to help them.

In brief, newborns cry to convey that they require attention or comfort. Choosing which one is typically the most difficult part. Among the explanations could be:

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In a popular video, a 2-year-old comforts his sobbing baby sister right away.
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