When Dad gives the OK, an exhausted toddler falls asleep almost instantly.

We’ve all been there: you can’t keep your eyes open because you’re so exhausted.

Some children will go to any length to stay awake, as they do not want to miss a single second of the action. One lovely young toddler in the viral video below is fighting sleep so hard that he can barely function. He’s in his car seat, wearing a nice little fuzzy cap with ear flaps, and his eyes are glazed over and he’s just staring off into the distance because he’s so exhausted.

I’ve been there before!

“Hey buddy, are you tired?” his father inquires after noticing the child’s struggle to stay awake.

The little voice responds, “Yeah.” The boy’s demeanor remains unchanged – a lifeless, exhausted stare.

“Can’t even keep your eyes open?”


“You been nodding off a little bit,” the dad continues.

Again, the child just continues to zone out. “Yeah,” he answers blankly.

Then, dad says the magic words that the child was clearly waiting to hear. “It’s okay, buddy. If you want to go to sleep… you go ahead, go to sleep.”

Wasting ZERO time, the kid’s head instantly nods and he face-plants into his own chest. Dad can’t help but giggle at the speed with which this child went to sleep, and we can’t blame him! This is one of the funniest 39-second videos ever!

Check it out for yourself below, and don’t forget to share to make someone laugh today!

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When Dad gives the OK, an exhausted toddler falls asleep almost instantly.
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