As soon as she recognizes her father’s voice, she greets him with a big smile.

The closeness between this father and his unborn child produced a touching result. Flávio Dantas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was overjoyed at the prospect of becoming a parent. He would speak to his unborn daughter every day until she was born, with no idea how greatly his efforts would be rewarded. Take a look at how this baby grins at her father. Amazing.

Tarsila Batista, Flávio’s partner shared that every morning before she went to work, Flávio would say “I’ll always be there” while stroking her growing belly.

Amazingly, when he would do this, their unborn daughter would start to kick and move. When baby Antonella was born at Marcílio Dias Naval Hospital in Rio de Janeiro she had the most appropriate response to hearing her dad’s beloved voice for the first time.

Antonella was sleeping when the medical team brought her to her parents for their first meeting. Flávio moved in close to say “hello,” repeating the same words he had said to Tarsila during her pregnancy, but this time Antonella reacted. She smiled as soon as she opened her eyes. The way this baby smiles at her father is simply adorable.

Flávio, overwhelmed by this life experience, described his love for his baby daughter as “too big to fit inside his chest.” Antonella had quite a bit of time to get used to her father’s voice. Since babies are able to process sounds starting as soon as 16 weeks after conception, by 26 weeks of age, babies will noticeably react to noises from the outside world and are commonly soothed by their parent’s voices.

“It was then that I could be sure what love is” Flávio added.

As if his daughter’s beaming smile wasn’t enough, Antonella was also born on August 11th, 2019: Father’s Day in Brazil. This will surely be a day and date that Flávio will remember for the rest of his life.

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As soon as she recognizes her father’s voice, she greets him with a big smile.
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